122A Trap


  • Heavy-duty Cast Bronze or Forged Brass Body
  • Forged Brass Cover, Union Nut, and Tailpiece
  • Corrosion-Resistant Seat and Plug
  • Factory Calibrated and Tested Under Live Steam
  • Cage Unit Interior for Uniformity of Performanc
  • Angle, Straight and Vertical Piping Patterns
  • Pipe Sizes: 1/2”, 3/4”, and 1” NPT


Radiator Steam Traps

Thermostatic Steam Traps For Low and Moderate Pressure Service

The function of a steam trap is to discharge condensate, air and other non-condensable gases from a steam system while preventing live steam from passing its point of use.

Barnes and Jones Balanced Pressure, Thermostatic Steam Traps perform this function better than any thermostatic steam trap on the market today.

Our Thermostatic Steam Traps utilize our innovative “Cage Unit” interiors which are factory calibrated and tested under live steam conditions to ensure uniform operation. The stand-alone, spring-loaded design allows the Cage Unit to work independently of the trap body. Thus, elimination the need to take the steam trap offline for testing or repair and greatly reducing downtime.