• Stainless Steel Construction
  • Factory Calibrated and Tested Under Live Steam
  • Low-Cost, Compact Lightweight Design
  • Choice of Standard End-Fittings.
  • Choice of Diaphragm or Bellows Actuators
  • Applications: Sterilizers, Cookers, Steam Kettles, Laundry Press, Food and Chemical Process Equipment, Steam Vents.




The Barnes & Jones Compat Steam Trap is a low cost, self-contained, disposable steam trap specifically designed for use on steam process equipment including steam kettles, cookers, stills, sterilizers, food, chemical and laundry equipment. Measuring only 3.25” x 1.25” and weighing just 4.5 oz. compared to conventional steam traps that weight 2 to 4 pounds. A versatile steam trap with a stainless steel housing of low mass to permit rapid thermostatic response to steam, condensate and non-condensable gases.

Compact Steam Traps are available with a choice of standard NPT end-fittings. For OEM applications, we offer a range of custom end connections to meet unique OEM design requirements. All Compact traps are factory calibrated and tested under live-steam conditions with a choice of thermostatic actuators including Diaphragm, Bronze Bellows and Monel Bellows.