Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps

Series 2000 (up to VAC-125 PSIG)

VAC-30 PSIG and VAC-125 PSIG


  • Variety of hook-up combinations
  • Unaffected by sudden or wide pressure changes
  • Responds quickly to condensate load changes
  • Continuous discharge
  • Condensate discharge temperature closely follows the saturated steam curve
  • Function is not impaired by high back pressure
  • Energy efficient
  • Simple construction
  • On-line repair
  • Operation

    The opening and closing of the valve is caused by changes of the condensate level within the trap shell. When the water level drops, the weight of the float causes the valve. As condensate enters the traps, the float rises and opens the valve, allowing condensate to be discharged. The float is designed to provide sufficient buoyancy to overcome the differential pressure across the valve. The internal float and valve configuration is such that the condensate level is always above the valve, creating a continuous water seal at the seat.

    Air and other gasses are freely discharged as they reach the trap through the air vent. The calibrated thermostat will close the air vent immediately when the temperature surrounding the element reaches saturated steam pressure.


    The Barnes & Jones float and thermostatic traps, Series 2000 VAC-30 PSIG, are designed for all types of low pressure or vacuum steam heating systems and steam process equipment. Typical applications include:

  • Unit heaters
  • Space heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Pressing machines
  • Low pressure mains and risers
  • Float and thermostatic traps are especially well suited for apartments, hospitals, office buildings and schools or wherever quiet operation is necessary.


    Barnes & Jones float and thermostatic traps are compact, of rugged design, with easy access to all interior parts. The body is cast with two inlet and two outlet pipe connections that permit four combinations of pipe hook-ups for all types of applications (except the 2″ model which is piped through the head.) All working parts are made of corrosion resistant materials and attached to the cover casting. The repair kit consists of a complete, factory assembled head which simply bolts on for ease of repair (except the 2″ model which is piped through the head.) No pipe connections need to be broken.