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Series 8000 Bucket Trap
Bucket Trap
40 Series F&T
122A Thermostatic Trap
Thermostatic Trap
Evergreen ECS Simplex Unit
Evergreen Condensate Recovery System
FTI2015-3 In-line Float & Thermostatic Trap
In-line Float & Thermostatic Trap
TK-2 TD Trap
Thermodynamic Trap
Compact Trap
Compact Trap
3507 Cage Unit & Cover
Cage Unit
Cage Unit - Super Trap
Super Trap and Cover
1FT Repair Kit
F&T Repair Kit

New High Performance Traps for Heat Exchangers and Conversion Units

Increase system efficiency for High Tech Steam/Hydronic Installations.

Steam Trap Repair Guide

Your complete cross indexed guide to all thermostatic and float and thermostatic traps in use on steam heating systems—available online or as printed booklet.

Radiator Steam Traps

Barnes & Jones units for low and moderate pressure service, the best performing available, are the only factory calibrated thermostatic steam traps. Adaptations of the “Cage Unit” are available to renew all manufacturers’ thermostatic steam traps. See the Steam Trap Repair Guide—available online or as printed booklet.

Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps

Series 2000 (VAC-30 PSIG) Series 2000 (VAC-125 PSIG) Series 2000 High Capacity

Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap Repair Kits

Check our expanding line of F&T Repair Kits for both current and obsolete models.

Thermostatic Steam Trap Repair Elements (Cage Units)

Cage units for all makes and models available. View features, description with diagram, and tips on checking traps.

Bucket Traps

Contact us for all our Bucket Traps listings (also included in pocket version of Steam Trap Repair Guide). See product information for Barnes & Jones models.

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